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  • Kärt Jõgila

    Project manager

    Estonian, English
    +372 5613 4811 

    Thanks to her higher education in garment technology, one of Kärt’s biggest strengths is her exceptional understanding of the entire production process. She has just completed her education in printing technology, which has given her thorough knowledge on print production and process management.

  • Indrek Rist

    Project manager

    Estonian, English
    +372 5395 3493

    When Indrek joined Ellington, he knew pretty much all there was to know about our services, which comes as no surprise, considering his long experience in the industry. That’s also where his unique speciality and top-notch knowledge about merchandise and active wear comes from. As a marathon runner, Indrek appreciates good pace and will literally run to help out a client.

  • Kädi-Triin Lutus

    Project manager

    Estonian, English
    +372 5565 7399

    Kädi-Triin joined Ellington because of her interest in the field of marketing and the desire to learn something new. Her creativity combined with her accuracy make for the perfect addition to complement our team.

  • Eero Pank

    Partner, Project manager

    +372 501 2522

    Eero’s knowledge of and skill in handling classic printing technologies,
boxes, packages, logistics and storing provide a guarantee both to the
producer and client that their print materials are in safe hands.

  • Indrek Mäe

    Partner, Project manager

    Estonian, English, Finnish
    +372 508 8150

    Indrek’s extensive experiences in foreign media, rollers, assembly
and direct mail guarantee high-quality products and client satisfaction.

  • Liisi Vint


    Estonian, English

    Liisi’s primary strength is numbers and her main focus is on accounting.